I believe every woman can Flourish in her Finances


Hello, I’m Emma Leigh Geiser!

I help successful women develop thoughtful spending plans so they can take control of their finances and finally live the lifestyle they desire.


Do you dream of paying off your credit cards or student loans?


Have you ever imagined…

what it would feel like to be able to cash flow your next spontaneous weekend getaway?

How would it feel to know one day you could afford a home instead of just dreaming about it? Or be a stay at home mom, just because you can?


I think that would be awesome too!

That’s why I want to help you develop a thoughtful spending plan so you can be confident in your finances, pay off debt, and craft the lifestyle you desire.

I always thought that if I went to school, got a good degree and then a job I could have anything I ever desired. I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood sandwiched between two highly affluent communities in San Diego. My life growing up was awesome, and I wanted that for my adult self.

My parents always told me that I should save money from my part time jobs and seemed discouraged when they saw me “blowing” it all. They gave me my college living expenses in a lump sum, and somehow I had the foresight to realize I could only spend that on rent (maybe they told me that, probably did). They didn’t ask for the leftovers and I began to realize that if I was slightly frugal in my housing choices I might be able to go to Europe like my sister.

That was probably my first glimpse at a long term financial goal.

I was encouraged to dive into the “college experience”, receiving a degree from UC Santa Barbara in Psychology. My plan was always to enjoy my first degree and move on to nursing school.


I bumbled through my first year as a nurse with my newly minted salary and saved a little but didn’t really do much. At some point I added up all my payments for the month and realized that I would have a lot more money if I didn’t have student loans. Something clicked, I got motivated and upset with myself all at the same time and vowed to work my butt off to pay my loans.

What I didn’t realize was it was the beginning of a quest to become financially stable and comfortable in my own skin.


Money seems to be the common thread or barometer for my well being. If I’m spending more than normal at restaurants, I notice I’m tired more, bloated, and my pants don’t fit as well. When I grocery shop and cook I’m energetic, exercise and feel good. My retirement account helps me feel secure in my future. When I look at my Spending Plan and where my money is going, my current emotions suddenly make sense. After all, the truth is in the pudding. (By the way, homemade pudding will yield a lot more servings of happiness for the same price as from the restaurant)

I paid off my student loans and sold my condo, which when I was honest with myself was actually holding me back. I truly believe that I feel more confident and concrete in my own thoughts and beliefs because of my journey.

I spend more thoughtfully, waste less and truly enjoy the little things in life.

I’m not motivated by statistics, graphs or projections like you see on most financial programs. Things got real and my life changed when I became honest with myself and my relationship with money.


I don’t believe finances are the same for women as men and we need to stop acting like one formula fits all.


Why Emma Leigh Geiser?


I want the best for you, and I know with a little guidance and hard work, you can achieve your desired lifestyle.

I’ve been there! I’ve come up with all the excuses and overcome them, because I know in the end the result is worth the effort. Let me use my experience to help you achieve your financial freedom.I truly believe that in order to get where you see yourself going in a “timely” manner, hiring a coach is a no-brainer.

It’s why I personally have invested thousands of dollars in my own personal and business growth. In using my spending power to invest in my future I am compounding not only my return on investment but your future success as well.

My relationships with my coaches have catapulted me to a place where I’m available to help you today!



Courses and Certifications

Personal coaching with elite level coach Sara Anna Powers

Sara Anna Powers Magnetic Messaging program

Member of the 48 Days Eagles Community

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, UC Santa Barbara