What My Clients are Saying


After many years of being in denial about my finances and bad spending habits I finally decided something had to change.

I tried budgeting before but after a few weeks, would revert back to my old spending habits.

Enter Emma, my financial North Star.

Emma has helped me take charge of my finances one step at a time.

She keeps me accountable for every financial decision I’m making and has helped me understand my spending habits and what needed to be trimmed.

Emma has taught me how to make an intentional spending plan, stick to it, and make more educated decisions around spending.

After a few months, my spending plan is coming naturally.

Working with Emma has completely taken away the stress around money and the feeling that money is controlling me.

I am making better financial decisions and the worry has gone away.

Instead of feeling a step behind my finance, I finally feel like I’m a step ahead.

I finally for once, I finally feel in control of my finances and can start planning for the future.

— Lindsey Lazzaro



After working with Emma, I have found confidence in my monthly spending plan, as well as my future financial goals.

She has offered support, encouragement, and 'tough love’ at all the right moments.

After implementing her tools and tips, I feel as though I have finally found my stride and taken ownership of my financial future.

I am so grateful for her insight and down to earth approach in empowering women like myself to reach financial independence and success!

Thank you Emma!

— Stacy Hills