Ready to gain some serious financial confidence?


Like smile when you look at your bank account and say YES to that girls’ trip without a second thought kind of confidence?


If you’ve got big lifestyle goals, and you’re ready for your bank balance to support them all

you’re in the right place.


VIP Intensive

Develop a thoughtful spending plan that reflects your values, lifestyle, and goals during a 90 minute power session.


90 Day Mentorship

Private coaching to build your financial confidence with a spending plan that’s aligned to your values, lifestyle, and goals


Courses, Group coaching and live events

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It’s possible to meet your financial goals AND keep the lifestyle you desire!



I know that scary feeling when you want to make a change but it’s all so overwhelming.

I remember being deep in debt and wondering how I’d ever get to do all the things I wanted to do.

When I finally had enough of the fear and doubt, I created a thoughtful spending plan that has made me financially free and taken a ton of stress out of my work, relationships and life in general.

Now I help motivated women like you refine your spending values and develop life long habits for financial success.

Get ready to enjoy the lifestyle you crave without worrying about where you’ll find the money!

-Emma Leigh Geiser